Our opinions in this bussines line started in 1986. We repaired first NDT ultrasonic flaw detectors produced by Krautkraemer, industrial X-rays produced by Seifert, magnetic partical equipment produced by Tiede and isotop sentinels produced by Sauerwein. Some of you could remember for instruments  DM1,DM2,DM3,USM2,USL32,USL35, USIP11 (all Krautkraemer) and some of you use them up to this day thanks us because we sometimes repair these istruments.

During our long time service activity we repaired devices from other producers f.o..Andrex and Trakis(RTG),Deutch and Starmans (UI), Elma and Tesla Vráble (Ultrasonic Cleaners) too.

We started our co-operation with ELY Chemical Ltd - producer of NDT agents (PI,MPI and UI) on NDT conference in Zakopane in Poland in 1997. We brought CHECKMOR,BRITEMOR,SUPRAMOR a LUMOR in CZ and SK market. These agents are usefull for aviation. The products are written into AMS 2644.

We started our own production of  "cold" viewers STAR 1024 (1028) in 1997. Our viewers have trouble-free operation and they are used in lots of NDT workrooms in CZ up to day. We started install our first UV lamps in 2001. The lamps have unique construction, which makes effective live of UV bulb. We offer price friendly type STAR 400E with double mantle. In the some time we started to offer an UV lamps for rinse of penetrants ( type STAR 820). 

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